About Us: N I Q U E

Nique x Boutique is a social enterprise specializing in curating, managing creative industries boutiques by providing products (within Fashion, Apparel, Lifestyle, Décor, Health and Beauty) and Consulting services (in Fashion Styling, Retail/Commercial Planning & Development and Small Business Administration) We foster creativity through Arts & Crafts for Children, Youth & Entrepreneurs promoting positive body image, health and wellbeing; diversity and multicultural inclusion, addressing equality, human rights and urban issues through our passion for creation with Program (Fashion), Plan (Planning) and Design (Architecture) being the driving forces and synchronizing Mind, Body and Soul.

N I Q U E is inspired by the middle name of the clothing designer Mo Milly; Monique is the French version of her mother’s name Monica who was an seamstress, her mentor and cheerleader. N I Q U E symbolizes the clothing garment’s uniqueness. N I Q U E is me, N I Q U E is you, and being N I Q U E is how we see the world on this side. In high school “Mo Milly” would plan her outfits every night down to every detail every accessory. Nothing made her more excited than to start a new day with an outfit that captures her energy! Working towards the idea of uniqueness and developing this brand N I Q U E, has restructured her life. N I Q U E has given Mo Milly a sense of identity, confidence, and purpose.

For inquires on how to get N I Q U E, contact us at niquexboutique@gmail.com